Embrace Your Adventure


Welcome to the JOurney!

Hey! I’m Jo.

Soulful trailblazer. World explorer. Community builder. Podcast host.

I’m a self-dubbed quirky spirit and vivacious soul on a mission to awaken my generation to live more consciously, with more heart, and ask more existential questions. I’m inspired by conscious conversation, nature, and the smell of sautéing garlic.

I strive to embrace my adventure of life and live my greatest evolution while leading a generational revolution of the heart.


Work With Me


I’m here to help you step into your adventure of life & become the life coach of your own life.

To awaken your heart and live more passionately, powerfully, and intentionally.

The work is beyond taking you where you want to be. It’s about unmasking the limitless you that’s inside so you can live ever more in your potential.